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Sub Dimension Engineering Co Ltd are a British Owned & operated, Specialist Submarine Engineering Company.

We buy & sell New & Used Models of Wet Submarine, Fun Submarine, Leisure Submarine, Human Powered Submarine & Swimmer Delivery Vehicles for Personal, Commercial & Military Use.

We have a Wet Submarine Available to meet Every Requirement.

SportSub Nemo is an entry level, 3 person, swim in, Wet Submarine.  Rated to 40m (130′),  Its Funky appearance belies a sophisticated design.  It provides a roomy cockpit and generous viewports.  Incorporates fly by wire joystick, Electronic Bouyancy Control & Electrical Systems Monitor.  Optional extras include Thru Water Communications, Expanded Air Supply & Lights.  Its buoyancy distribution ensures that it always remains upright & it will happily  sit on the seabed,  while the passengers take an outside excursion.  A commercial Wet Submarine version ‘ResortSub‘ is available with increased battery capacity & more comprehensive instrumentation.  Pilot / Operator training courses are available.  SCUBA certification is required.  A RIB Inflatable deployment system is also available for extended range.

This Mini – Wet Submarine is a compact ride-on craft with a depth rating of 12 metres. Weighing less than 100kg, it is designed to be affordable & simple to use, so you can explore the sub-surface environment with only minimal training and without the need to wear a SCUBA tank.  Instead, you sit astride the seat as you might on a regular scooter and place your head inside the aerated helmet. The helmet is fed directly from an onboard tank, creating an ‘air bubble’ so you can breathe freely, without the need for a mouthpiece.

Your depth is controlled by inflating and deflating a bladder attached to the scuba tank and your steering is managed by means of a simple hand-operated rudder. Propulsion comes from a 750w DC motor, which is powered by a single 12V, 50AH battery – and while a five or six hour charge will give you 60 to 80 minutes of operating time, the basic package includes a spare battery so you can get a more extended session on a single trip.  Prices starting at £12,000 for the one-man Wet Submarine model.  Multiple (side by side) seat Wet Submarine models available also.

The Barracuda 4 SDV Wet Submarine is primarily a military design, but is also available as a civilian commercial variant.  designed to transport 4 combat swimmers to remote locations on covert missions to include, surveillance, infiltration, mine clearance & mine laying. The system is designed to be ultra quiet with a very low radar signature when surfaced.

The onboard mission computer runs the sonar, navigation, depth sounder & displays zoom and low light camera system video. The onboard hydro-acoustic telemetry modem transducer, allows coded transmission of digital mission data between SDV units whilst submerged, such as navigational information, chart details, mission instructions etc, thus reducing the requirement for voice communications via UQC.

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