10 Nov 2017
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10 Nov2017
Latest Products
Tourist Submarine for Sale. SDE49-75 49-Pax-Sister-vessel

Tourist Submarine For Sale
(Purpose Built)
46 Passengers + 3 Crew

Tourist Submarine for Sale. SDE49-75

Tourist Submarine for Sale

Available now!  A Pre-Owned SDE49-75 Tourist Submarine for Sale.  The SDE49-75 is one of 15 similar, purpose built Tourist Submarines, built specifically for the underwater ‘Submarine Tourism’ market.  This particular model is a Pre-Owned, example, originally built in Finland to the RS-250 design, which will be refitted prior to sale.

Offering, a spacious interior and a full range of safety features. This particular Tourist Submarine for Sale,  is at present laid-up, and will require a refit back to ‘As New’ condition, utilizing modern systems.  It will be re-classified & issued with new Class Certification by DNV-GL  prior to the commencement of underwater operations.

The photographs above & below illustrate an example of an identical, sister vessel, recently refitted to DNV-GL Class standard.

Tourist Submarine for Sale. SDE49-75
Tourist Submarine for Sale. SDE49-75 49-Pax-Sister-vessel

Passenger capacity   49 total- (46 Pax + 3 Crew)
Crew 3   (2 in some locations)
Classification Agency   DNV-GL / Lloyds
Viewports Side   22 x Flat Acrylic (760mm)
Forward Viewport   1 x Hemispherical Acrylic 1450mm
Aft Viewport   1 x Hemispherical Acrylic 1450mm

LOA   18.5m.
Beam   4.6m.
Height   5.25m
Draft   3.45m.
Hull thickness   25mm Steel
Freeboard   1.1m
Maximum operating depth   75m (50m Optional)
Max speed   3 knots
Dry weight   106 tons
Hull diameter   2.5m
Hatch diameter   (2 hatches) 0.8m

Power source   Rechargeable batteries – 288 kw-hr
240vdc – 1025Ah
24vdc – 908Ah (Main)
24vdc – 800Ah (Emergency)

Main thrusters   2 x 11kW electric
Vertical thrusters   2 x 11kW electric
Horizontal thrusters   2 x 11kW electric

Water Ballast.
Forward Trim tanks (Port + Stbd)   2 x 1.0 cu.m (31 cu.ft)
Aft Trim Tanks (Port + Stbd)   2 x 1.0 cu.m (31 cu.ft)
Variable Payload   4,000 kg (10,700lbs)

Air System.
Main HP Air 1000L    (35 cu.ft 3) @ 3000psi
Reserve HP Air    1000L (35 cu.ft 3) @ 3000psi
Total 2000L    (70 cu.ft 3) @3000psi

Life Support.
Buoyancy Collar Volume   14.3 m 3 (505 ft 3)
Main HP Oxygen   200 l (7ft 3) @ 3000psi
Reserve Oxygen   500 L (17.5ft 3) @ 3000psi
CO2 Absorbent   700 L (24.5ft 3)

Other Features.
Air Conditioning System   2 x 30,000 BTU
Passenger Information System
External Video Cameras   4 x 1080P
Navigation System
External Lights
PA system
Echo sounder
Through water communications UQC
Surface communications VHF

Tourist Submarine-for-Sale-Pilots-Console
Tourist Submarine for Sale. SDE49-75-Cabin
Tourist Submarine for Sale. SDE49-75 Cabin-Interior-49-Pax-Tourist-Sub2
Tourist Submarine for Sale. SDE49-75

Models Available

SDE49-75   Tourist Submarine for Sale.          Re-fitted 46 Pax + 3 Crew Tourist Submarine                       US$ P.O.A.         Delivery   7 Months
SDE51-75    Tourist Submarine for Sale.          New 48 Pax + 3 Crew Tourist Submarine                               US$ P.O.A.         Delivery 14 Months
SDE67-75   Tourist Submarine for Sale.          New 64 Pax + 3 Crew Tourist Submarine                                US$ P.O.A.        Delivery 16 Months

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Written by  Mike Garner

3 thoughts on “Used Tourist Submarine for Sale 46 Pax + 3 Crew

  1. Russ Scohy

    I would like a variety of tourist subs for my new location on the northern Oregon coast USA.

    1. Mike Garner


      Sorry for the late reply. Our web site got hacked and we just got back on line. May I ask what passenger capacity, depth rating, new or used units are of interest?



    2. Mike Garner

      Russ, I have a friend who lives up there Sasquamish, beautiful place. There are some considerations to be taken into account when operating in US, or US territories. 1, The vessel must be US flagged. 2, The vessel must be built in US, 3, The crew must be US citizens, in accordance with the Jones Act. 4, The design will need to be ABS & USCG approved. 5, The cost of complying with the aforementioned will be higher than for the same sub built in some other countries. That said, we can accommodate you. First question is; What size (passenger capacity) are you looking for? 2, What depth rating? 3, New or used sub? 4, Do you have a dive site in mind? 5, What will the mean operating depth be? 6, How many passengers per day to you hope to carry? 7, What are the logistics of the site? IE range from shore staging point to dive site? There are many other questions also, which is why we offer a site evaluation survey as an initial package & later if you place an order, a site set up assistance package as options. You can contact me via mike@sde-asia.com or msubby@gmail.com with your reply. If you feel you wish to continue, we can take it from there. Looking forward to hearing from you. All the best. Mike

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