21 Feb 2018
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21 Feb2018
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Latest Products

New! 3 Pax 'Wet Sub', 40m Rated For Sale!
Specifications Ranging from Personal Fun Sub to Commercial Show Diver Platform

Wet Sub 3 Pax

3 Pax, Wet Sub for Sale

Available now!  New, built to order, 3 Pax Wet Sub.

Suitable For:

Tourism; As a stand-alone business.


As a ‘Value Added Attraction to an existing Large Scale Tourist Sub Operation.


As Yacht or Shore Deployed, for Personal & Commercial use.

The SDE-W3-40 ‘Tadpole’ Wet Sub is available with a ‘Menu’ of User Selectable Bespoke Design Features, allowing the owner to choose the features suitable for the intended Application of the Unit.  Ranging from the simplest Personal Fun Sub Application to the Fully Functional Commercial Tourism / Diver Deployable model.

The Menu includes, but is not limited to:

Diver & Mother Vessel Tow Lines

Fish Feeders

U/W Communications;  Sub to Surface, Sub to Sub & Sub to Diver.

VHD Communications


Echo Sounder

Video Cameras

Auxiliary Battery Modules & HP Air Connections  for a 10 x 30 mins dive duration per day.

(Contact Us for further Bespoke Options)

The Passenger compartment is constructed from GRP topped by a 48″ Diameter Acrylic Hemisphere, affording unrivaled viewing capability.  Ballast & Trim control is effected by 2 Fwd & Aft Soft Ballast Tanks.  The Operating Control System is Semi-Automatic affording easy control, with minimal training.

The Wet Sub is Battery Powered @ 24VDC & utilizes Twin Electric Thrusters, embedded in the side mounted Hydroplanes for 4 axis Thrust Control.  The Hydroplanes can be re-configured from operating as a matched pair to independent operation in a matter of minutes, affording a roll capability & improved turning capability.

The Wet Sub can be configured for simple personal use, with the basic control system with minimal auxiliary instrumentation, or for Commercial Submarine Tourism with the complete Instrumentation Package, or to any specification between the two. (Contact Us for Details)

Commercial Units come with a Main Battery Bank & Interchangeable Auxiliary Battery Modules for extended Dive Duration.  The HP Air Banks are also designed for ‘At Sea’ Top Up Decanting, for up to 10 x 30 min Dives/Day Duration.

An LED Lighting System is also available as an option for Night Diving.

The ‘Tadpole’ Wet Sub can be transported easily on the deck of a mother vessel for crane or davit deployment.  It is also Truck / Trailer transportable for slipway of davit deployment from shore.  The Wet Sub can be shipped in a standard 20′ Shipping Container, reducing long distance shipping costs considerably.

The engineers and technicians in our European based factory take individual care of each submersible assuring the highest level of precision and craftsmanship, to provide customized solutions for a particular mission or a bespoke design.

3 Pax Wet Sub - Top Aft View
3 Pax Wet Sub - Front Port View



We take great care of our clients. Owning a private submarine is a seamless process. We offer a Worldwide Training, Set Up and Ongoing Support Service to all of our Clients.


Dive Sites

Selecting dive sites, training, providing our own expert pilots, or assisting with the Business Set Up of Commercial Operations  – these are just a few examples of the many services we provide.


3 Pax Wet Sub - Port Side View
3 Pax Wet Sub - Front View
3 Pax Wet Sub - Aft View
3 Pax Wet Sub - Top Aft View
Wet Sub 3 Pax

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Written by  Mike Garner

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