7 May 2020
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7 May2020
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Latest Products
'Spirit' Modular Inspection Class ROV System

Modular Inspection & Light Work Class ROV Systems

ROV (Remote Operated Vehicles)
Sub Dimension Asia Co Ltd, in conjunction with their affiliates, are pleased to be able to offer a range of Observation Class & Inspection Class ROVs and Remote Intervention Tooling & Ancillaries.

We can offer a range of new & used ROVs, with depth ratings from 300m to 1000m. These systems are available either in free-flying configuration or TMS deployed.

We can also offer experienced sub-engineers, pilots & supervisors on a day rate contract basis.

’Spirit’ SD1200-8T Inspection Class ROV

The ‘Spirit’ Inspection Class ROV System is designed as a modular platform for multiple Inspection & Light work roles.

The use of under slung equipment modules affords a wide range of capabilities to this compact ROV.  Modules include:

  • 5 Function Manipulator (Hydraulic)
  • 5 Function Manipulator (Electric)
  • 40mm Soft Line Jaw Cutter (Hydraulic)
  • 40mm Hard Wire Cutter (Hydraulic)
  • Rotary Disk Cutter (Hydraulic)
  • Suction Dredge (Electric)
  • Micro ROV Deployment Garage
  • Tracked Under-Carriage

Bespoke applications & custom solutions are possible, upon request.

’Spirit’ ROV Specification:

Model:             SD1200-8T ‘Spirit’
Depth:             500m
Frame:            UHMW-PE
Dims:              1100*650*550mm (Without underslung skid)
Speed:             3 knots (variable)
Weight:           70kg
Payload:         12kg

Propulsion:    8 x brushless thrusters. 4 x vectored horizontal; 4 x vertical
Power:            20kW Dedicated Generator
Control:          360° Freedom
Diagnostics;   Diagnostics Software
Op Temp:       -5°C to 40°C

Autos:             Auto Heading; Auto Depth; Position Hold (with DVL Option)
Computer:     i5 – 19″ Rack compatible – 2U
Vid Display:  Coordinates; Heading; Depth; Turns Counts; Pitch & Roll
Surf Pwr:      1 Phase 170-265VAC / 3.5kw
ROV Pwr:      315VDC 
Control:         Joystick IP65
Back Up:        USB – Back up Software
Op System:    Windows
Sensors:         Depth; Temp; Flux Gate Compass (Gyro optional); Pitch & Roll

Cam Chans:   2 x HD 1080p + 4 x Analog Composite 460p NTSC or PAL
Lights:            4 x LED Front 50W + 1 x 15W Rear
I/Os:                Gigabit Ethernet + 2 x RS232 + 2 x RS485
An In:             2x 0 to ±24 V + 1 x 0.5 to 5V + 1 x 4-20mA
An Out:          2x 0 to ±12 V
Pwr Out:        Power Output Fixed 24 VDC + 5 to 18VDC 400W

Manip:           Fixed 1F
Manip            Maximum Opening 180mm: Maximum Lift Capacity 15kg;

LARS:             Overshot Lock/Latch
Winch:           Manual Umbilical Winch 500m capacity incl slip rings
Cable:             500m
Diameter:      18mm
Connection:  In Line Connector
Cores:             F.O + Power Cores
Jacket:            Neutral Buoyancy Flying Tether – Breaking strain > 500kgs

Manuals:       1 x Hard Copy + 1 x Soft Copy 
Training:       5 Days Training included in Price 
Packing:        Transportable in Transit Cases
Warranty:     1 Year Standard Warranty – Terms & Conditions Apply


Sonar:            Obstacle Avoidance; Range 100m; 130 Degs Horizontal                 Cam Tilt:        -40/+80 degree
Light Cont:    PWM Light Intensity Control
Video Rec:     2Tb DVR
Skid:               5F Manipulator Skid (Camera + 15W Light – options)
              30mm Hydraulic Soft Line Cutter (Camera + Light options)       
            40mm Hydraulic Wire Cutter (Camera + Light options)                 Winch:           Electrical Umbilical Winch 500m capacity incl slip rings
USBL:             SCU (Laptop based); Surface & Subsea Mini Transponder;

Ancillary Equipment & Services

Together with our associates, Sub Dimension Asia Co Ltd, is able to offer a range of support services to the ROV industry, including:-

• ROV Control Systems
• Project Management
• Personnel Services
• Engineering Support
• Commissioning Services
• Audit Services – to R006 and Shell EPA standards
• Refurbishment & upgrade Services
• Remote Sub-Systems & Components

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Written by  Mike Garner

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