7 Jun 2017
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7 Jun2017
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Super Yacht Sub - 4k Video

GP-Cam 2K/4K Video
Sub Dimension are pleased to be able to offer our new ‘GP-Cam’ Special Application Inspection Camera System. Designed as a stand-alone Inspection Video System, the GP-Cam combines both Hi-Res Video & 12MP Stills Capture capabilities.

Since the early 90s, the de-facto standard colour camera used on 80%-90% of work class systems has been the OE1366 later re-designated as the OE14-366. This camera has a video resolution of 460TVL (PAL) or 480TVL (NTSC). The reason why this camera remained the recognized standard for so long, is specifically due to the bandwidth limitation of RG59 coax, the type of coax used in most ROV umbilicals on the market today.  So; even though cameras with greater resolution have been available for some time, they have not been utilized specifically because of this umbilical bandwidth restriction.

With the fairly recent development of Ethernet based video transmission and Fiber Optic video transmission for ROVs, the use of higher quality video cameras has been possible on newer ROV systems, which utilize Eternet or Fiber Optics for video transmission. However, even today, there are many ROV systems still in use, which rely on RG59 coax video transmission.

The GP-Cam has been designed with these limitations in mind. Our unique camera architecture enables us to transmit Full HD video to surface for framing & recording, even on older model ROVs. While simultaneously recording 4K Ultra HD video onboard the camera, for post survey analysis. This means that almost any work class ROV in use today, is capable of interfacing the GP-Cam.

Apart from the Hi res video capability, the GP-Cam is also a High Res Stills camera, capable of taking single or burst shots at 5MP or 12MP resolution.  Contact us for details.

This video is 720P not even full HD (1080p). The camera is capable of Ultra HD (2160p) resolution video.

The camera comes with 128GB, 256GB or 512GB of onboard memory for 4K video & Photo Stills storage. The camera can be downloaded to a Notebook at the surface without removing or opening the main camera enclosure. Thus reducing the potential for operator induced water ingress during diving & quicker turn-around between dives.

The system utilizes a stand-alone control computer with 4k video monitor & a wireless keyboard & mouse. Thus allowing the system to be kept separate from the ROVs main video system. The dedicated control computer incorporates a video overlay system & is survey overlay string ready. The computer comes with a 1TB, 1.5TB or 3TB internal storage drive plus an auxiliary video output to external DVR recording recording system.

The system comes in its own helicopter transportable transit case, is compact in design and ergonomically friendly – Contact us for Details.

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Written by  Mike Garner

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