23 Feb 2019
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23 Feb2019
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Latest Products

SD4S Thruster 4 -11
SD12S 3kW Brushless DC Thruster

Suitable for use with ROVs, AUVs and Manned Submarines, the SD12S is a modular design Brushless DC Thruster with a range of configurations to suit a wide range of applications.
Available in 120V, 150V, 250V & 380V configurations. 600V units upon special request.
Custom 3 & 4 blade / 10″ – 14″ diameter propeller configurations
Matching integral & stand-alone Motor Controllers available.
Pressure balanced Dual Compensation System – maintaining separation between motor & controller compensation volumes.
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3kW DC Brushless Thruster
SD12S 3kW DC Brushless Thruster

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Written by  Mike Garner

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