23 Feb 2019
Latest Products
23 Feb2019
Latest Products

SD4S Thruster 4 -11
SD12S 3kW Brushless DC Thruster

Suitable for use with ROVs, AUVs and Manned Submarines, the SD12S is a modular design Brushless DC Thruster with a range of configurations to suit a wide range of applications.
Available in 120V, 150V, 250V & 380V configurations. 600V units upon special request.
Custom 3 & 4 blade / 10″ – 14″ diameter propeller configurations
Matching integral & stand-alone Motor Controllers available.
Pressure balanced Dual Compensation System – maintaining separation between motor & controller compensation volumes.
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3kW DC Brushless Thruster
SD12S 3kW DC Brushless Thruster

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Written by  Mike Garner

2 thoughts on “3kW DC THRUSTERS



    I’m looking for a 3kW thurster for an application of small boat. Could you send me information and prices talking about your product?
    Many thanks

    1. Mike Garner

      Sorry for the delay replying. Our web site got hacked & is only just back up & running. What voltage, rpm. thrust do you require?


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