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Sub Dimension Engineering Co Ltd are a British owned & operated, specialist submarine engineering company. We buy & sell new & used submarine models and ROVs (Remote Operated Vehicles). We have submarines for sale of all kinds to meet your requirements.

We can offer electric submarines, diesel electric submarines, or luxury personal submarines for sale or lease. Designed & built specifically for the person who has everything & wants something a little different. We have a range of different sizes and models to choose from, both new & used. You can choose from a shallow water or deep sea submarine. Shallow water models like the SDE-8 & the SDE-16 luxury or commercial models, typically operate between 0 – 100m depth & the Deep Sea models from 0 – 3000m water depth.

We also can offer human powered submarines & wet submarines for sale. A ‘Wet Submarine’ is a submarine in which the cockpit of the submarine is designed to flood during diving. The pilot is actually a SCUBA diver. He sits inside a submarine cockpit, wearing a miniaturized version of SCUBA gear to breath. The ‘Wet Submarine’ extends the range a SCUBA diver can explore and adds an exciting new dimension to diving. These ‘Wet Submarines’ can be battery powered or even human (pedal) powered.

We also offer professional maintenance, crewing, refit and manufacturing services to Submarine & ROV system owners, operators & prospective owners.

We are based in Chonburi, Thailand & Singapore.

Borne of more than 70 years cumulative experience with manned submarines, diving systems, ROVs & remote intervention tooling. Together with our group partners & associates from Singapore, Australia & UK, our core business is to offer a varied range of Submarines for sale, for Tourism, Commercial Submarines, Personal Submarines & Research Submarines.

We buy used submarines and retro-fit back to ‘as new’ condition, utilizing modern replacement sub-systems & technology, giving a new lease of life to submarines which are entering the later stages of their operating lifespan.

We re-classify either with the original classification body, or with DNV-GL or ABS.

We also offer submarine sub-systems design & manufacturing, procurement, repair and maintenance. Many of our customers want to know, how does a submarine work. Well, that’s easy, we also offer a range of training modules for submarine pilots, co-pilots, surface controllers and other crew. Training is carried out to the same standard as the USCG.

We also offer new & used ROV systems for sale. Through our associates we can offer a range of work class ROV systems ranging from 100HP, 1000m rated to 350HP, 3000m rated. These are all leading models within the ROV industry.

We can also offer ROV based trenching systems & Remote Intervention Tooling (RIT). Including, but not limited to the following:-

  • ROVs
  • ROV based Trenchers & Trenching Systems
  • Large Scale Tourist Submarines
  • Wet Subs for Fun & Commercial Use
  • Thrusters
  • Submersible Motors / Variable Frequency Drives
  • Submersible HID Lighting
  • Submersible LED Lighting
  • ROV & Submarine deployed Hydraulic Cutters
  • Deep Sea Pressure Compensation Systems
  • Ballastable Skid Systems
  • Subsea Winches
  • Special Application Subsea Full HD & 4K Camera Systems
Tourist Submarine for Sale. SDE49-75

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Wet Subs & Fun Subs


SportSub Nemo is an entry level, 3 person, swim in, Wet Submarine.  Rated to 40m (130′),  Its Funky appearance belies a sophisticated design.  It provides a roomy cockpit and generous viewports.  Incorporates fly by wire joystick, Electronic Bouyancy Control & Electrical Systems Monitor.  Optional extras include Thru Water Communications, Expanded Air Supply & Lights.  Its buoyancy distribution ensures that it always remains upright & it will happily  sit on the seabed,  while the passengers take an outside excursion.  A commercial Wet Submarine version ‘ResortSub’ is available with increased battery capacity & more comprehensive instrumentation.  Pilot / Operator training courses are available.  SCUBA certification is required.  A RIB Inflatable deployment system is also available for extended range.

This Mini- Wet Submarine is a compact ride-on craft with a depth rating of 12 metres. Weighing less than 100kg, it is designed to be affordable & simple to use, so you can explore the sub-surface environment with only minimal training and without the need to wear a SCUBA tank.  Instead, you sit astride the seat as you might on a regular scooter and place your head inside the aerated helmet. The helmet is fed directly from an onboard tank, creating an ‘air bubble’ so you can breathe freely, without the need for a mouthpiece.
Your depth is controlled by inflating and deflating a bladder attached to the scuba tank and your steering is managed by means of a simple hand-operated rudder. Propulsion comes from a 750w DC motor, which is powered by a single 12V, 50AH battery – and while a five or six hour charge will give you 60 to 80 minutes of operating time, the basic package includes a spare battery so you can get a more extended session on a single trip.  Prices starting at £12,000 for the one-man Wet Submarine model.  Multiple (side by side) seat Wet Submarine models available also.


ROV Systems

Work Class ROVs For Sale

ROV Systems New & Used

With bases on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand, Singapore & UK, we are ideally situated to serve the industry worldwide.

We have a wide range of New & Used Work Class ROVs available for Sale or Lease.  Primarily Perry systems, we can offer Triton XL 100HP;  Triton XL 150HP, Triton XLR;  Triton XLS; Triton XLX  & new build 250HP & 350HP Heavy Duty Work Class Systems.

Bespoke Design services for Specialist Application Systems are Available.

We also offer a wide range of Remote Intervention Tooling (RIT), including Cutters, Pumps, Dredges, Intensifiers, Skids, Reservoirs, Intelligent Valve Packs, Hydraulic & Electrical Thruster Systems.

We offer a worldwide commissioning service & comprehensive warranties with all goods & services supplied.

Bespoke design inquiries for Subsea & General Engineering are Welcome.





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Tourist Submarine for Sale. SDE49-75 49-Pax-Sister-vessel
49-Pax-Tourist Submarine Operation for Sale

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